Our Initiatives

The Beginning

Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz brought the first surfboard to Israel in 1957.  On a return trip in 2005, Doc teams up with Arthur Rashkovan to support Israel's Arab surfing community with donated boards and the Arab community's first surf contest.

Surfboards for Gaza

S4P organizes and delivers the first shipment of donated boards from Israeli surfers to Gaza's fledgeling surfing community in an event that garnishes global media coverage.

The Surfing 4 Peace Concert

S4P hosts thousands of supporters in Tel Aviv for a benefit concert featuring Surfing World Champion Kelly Slater and Big Wave Champion Makua Rothman.

Gaza Surf Relief

S4P partners with Gaza Surf Relief and Explore Corps to deliver a huge shipment of 30 surfboards to the Gaza Surf Club, breaking the economic embargo after more than two years of negotiations.

God Went Surfing With The Devil

God Went Surfing With The Devil is a feature-length documentary that documents S4P's efforts to deliver the Gaza Surf Relief boards in the midst of cross border attacks, economic embargo and the bureaucracy of conflict.  

The Gaza Surfer Girl Project

S4P assembles a volunteer design team from Parson The New School For Design to design and manufacture custom swimwear for Gaza's aspiring female surfers.

The Search-Spark-Stoke Tour

S4P partners with Michael Brooke, founder of Concrete Wave Magazine, and the Peres Center For Peace to create the Search-Spark-Stoke Tour, bringing  longboard skateboarding to youth in Israel and Palestine and launching the Longboarding For Peace project.

Surfer Pour La Paix

S4P Ambassadors Benjamin Levy and Samuel Jackquesson establish a European division of Surfing 4 Peace, Surfer Pour La Paix as an official sporting association of the European Union.  

Paddle 4 Peace

The S4P community celebrates the establishment of Surfer Pour La Paix with an innaguaral stand-up paddle event in Paris, attended by members and supporters from across the Mediterranean.

The Med Cup 4 Peace

Surfer Pour Le Paix is working with the European Commission and the city of Marseilles to host the Med Cup 4 Peace, a Mediterranean surfing and cultural festival with surfer delegations from every country on the Mediterranean Sea and representatives from surfing communities all over the world.

S4P Surf Trips

S4P organizes and hosts surf trips with the goal of assembling and strengthening local surfing communities across the Mediterranean basin in preparation for the Med Cup 4 Peace.

Working Locally

The S4P community is a global phenenom but its members work locally to improve conditions within and between communities in their home regions.  We welcome your contributions and suggestions for initiatives, projects and partnerships.  Join our community support our mission!

Join Us!

S4P is a global community and we welcome your contributions and suggestions for initiatives, projects and partnerships.  Join our community support our mission!